Songs for Celebrating the Beauty of Nature

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As the singing duo Shunia, we create music inspired by timeless wisdom passed down through mantras, scriptures, and poems. Throughout our decades-long spiritual journey together, our lives have been transformed by the ancient practices of yoga and chant.

In the first entry of our newest blog series, we’ll introduce you to two tracks from our self-titled album that help us reconnect with nature’s Divine beauty. These meaningful songs lift our spirits and ground us to the Earth as we hope they’ll do for you.

“Chanting enabled me to clear my mind in a way that other forms of meditation could not. The practice of chanting took my meditation to a whole new level, and it continues to do so. Writing these albums of chant music has been a great privilege for me, and I know our music can impact many people's lives.”

—Suzanne Jackson, member of Shunia

What is a Mantra?

A Mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration while meditating.

Sa Re Sa Sa

We chose “Sa Re Sa Sa” for the album because it was the first mantra we ever chanted together. This mantra is considered the base mantra of all mantras. It opens your body’s energy centers (chakras) so that you can receive the full effect of this mantra and other mantras.

Sa is the all-encompassing infinity of God, the origin of everything in the universe.

Har is the creativity and dense element of this planet Earth

These sounds are woven together then projected out through the sound UNG which means complete totality.

When we chant Sa Re Sa Sa together, we’re awakening our inner creative power and removing all obstacles to achieving higher consciousness. We’re cleansing ourselves of any adversity and negativity that may lie within.

Often this mantra marks the beginning of one’s spiritual journey. It emphasizes the magnificence and intelligence of the Divine.

When to Use Sa Re Sa Sa

Sa Re Sa Sa is a great mantra to chant while outdoors and taking in the full beauty of nature.

“This is the first mantra I learned when I was introduced to chanting. I had sung in church all my life, so I knew what it felt like to sing to God. For me, chanting this mantra is a meditation that acknowledges the divine spirit of God, the heavens, and all the mysteries. It allows me to experience the transformative power of God here on earth.”

—Lisa Reagan, member of Shunia

Recommended Movements for Sa Re Sa Sa

Stream “Sa Re Sa Sa” from our album paired with the mudras below to reconnect with the Divine energy awaiting you in nature.

  1. Bring your hands together in Prayer Pose at the navel point.
  2. As you begin the Sa Re Sa Sa chant start to move your palms up to the center of your torso about six inches from your body.
  3. After passing over your heart open your hands into a lotus pose when they reach your brow point on the word Rung.
  4. To create the open lotus hand pose, place the base of your palms together and touch the tips of your pinky fingers to each other while the rest of your fingers are spread open like a flower.
  5. As the accompanying mantra Har Re Har Har begins, point your fingers downward with the back of your hands touching.
  6. In rhythm with the music, trace this mudra down your chakras until you reach the Navel Point when you hear the sounds Har Rung.
  7. Then, you begin the mudra and chant again from the beginning.

Breeze at Dawn

Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet whose work has inspired people for seven centuries and is still translated and read across the world today. Rumi believed dancing, singing, and poetry were ways to connect with the Divine.

“Breeze at Dawn” explores the power we have to change our habitual patterns. It’s essential to be present and aware of our surroundings.

“The great poet Rumi wrote this beautiful piece about the mystery of life and how we are immersed in it. His words remind us that there are possibilities in times of transition. If we greet the day, tune into the secrets in the breeze and think about what we want, a new level of enlightenment is within reach. Suzanne and I were so moved by this piece that we chose to include it on the album even though it doesn’t traditionally have mudras attached to it.”

—Lisa Reagan

Rumi’s “Breeze at Dawn” Poem

Stream our original song inspired by “Breeze at Dawn” and sing the words with us:

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep!”

Connect Through Chants

We hope you’re inspired to put the Sa Re Sa Sa chant into practice and celebrate everything Mother Nature freely offers us. There are always opportunities to reconnect with your Divine self.

Experience the power of “Sa Re Sa Sa” in Shunia’s official music video featuring Hassan Hakmoun and enjoy our unplugged performance of “Breeze at Dawn” exclusively on Vimeo. Our new self-titled album is streaming now on Spotify.


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