Thoughts on Akal

When Shunia was putting their new album together they decided to include a song based on the Akal mantra. It has such a special meaning and purpose. It is meant to help guide the departing soul on its journey out of the worldly realm. Here are their thoughts about “Akal”.

“As we were composing, we thought it’d be beautiful to have a more classical counter melody line going over the top of the chant. As we worked on it, it came to us that using the Italian phrase, “risposa in pace”, which means, “rest in peace” would not only be a beautiful musical line to sing but would also be appropriate to the true meaning of the mantra. It would give an Eastern and Western connection to this human expression of mourning, and desire for our souls to have eternal life. True liberation.

With all that is going on in the world, we thought it would be timely to release “Akal” now, because so many people have lost their loved ones. It’s been incredibly heart breaking.

We hope this song can offer some peace."