Chants for Mindfulness and Creativity

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When we learn to listen to ourselves, we unlock a new world of creative possibilities from within. In this third installment of our ongoing blog series, we explore two tracks from our new self-titled album, “Shunia”, along with their accompanying mudras (movements). These chants help us experience inner clarity and tap into our creative potential.

Whether you want to feel inspired again to live your life to the fullest, follow your dream, create the next great piece of art, or pursue another creative vision, these chants and mudras will help you on your journey.

Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru

Har hare hari wahe guru translates to “all aspects of the Creator are bliss”. This is a particularly powerful and well-known mantra in Kundalini yoga practices. The mantra contains four parts and invokes the creative process.Har expresses the potential for infinite creativity.

Hare is the flow of creative energy.

Hari is the existence of the creative force.

Wahe Guru speaks of the beauty and joy of this process.

How to Use Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru for Creative Flow

Chanting this mantra engages the power center at your navel point. The sounds create a vibration and breath flow that releases energy blocks in the body so that you can align with the creative flow of the universe.

“Tapping into the force of our own creative flow takes us into a real and tangible state of being. Imagine in your mind’s eye the times when you have been inspired with all of your senses heightened, and your ability to give yourself over to the creation of your dreams.”

—Lisa Reagan, member of Shunia

Recommended Movements for Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru

Follow along with these movements and access divine intelligence when you stream our original song “Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru” on Spotify.

  1. Stretch your arms out to the sides with the palms facing forward. Keep your elbows straight. Chant Har.
  2. Without bringing your hands near your shoulders, move your hands directly in front of you with your palms down, elbows by your sides, and your forearms pointing straight out in front of your body. Chant Hare.
  3. Bring your hands up by your shoulders, palms facing out. Chant Hari.
  4. Stretch your arms out to the sides again. Chant Wah.
  5. Bring your arms directly to the front, palms down. Chant Heh.
  6. Bring your hands up near your shoulders. Chant Guru.

Ong Namo

By repeating this mantra, we are honoring the ancient chant ong namo guru dev namo, also known as “The Adi Mantra”.

Ong is a symbol of infinite creativity, while namo means “I bow”.

We composed this song in honor of the millions of people who have chanted these words around the world for thousands of years.

How to use Ong Namo to Practice Mindfulness

This is typically the first chant that is used for any yogic or meditative practice in Kundalini yoga.

Ong Namo helps us connect with the infinite creative energy that is not only within us but is present in the world around us. It helps us to become more aware of our surroundings and trust our intuition.

“This mantra urges you to believe in your internal wisdom, trust your inner guidance, and follow it. You are your own best teacher, and you need to trust yourself and your wisdom.”

—Suzanne Jackson, member of Shunia

Recommended Movements for Ong Namo

Join Shunia members Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson in a moment of reflection as we demonstrate the recommended mudra for ong namo, or listen to our song “Ong Namo” on Spotify while practicing the following movements.

  1. Put your hands together in Anjali mudra (prayer pose) so that your thumbs touch your sternum. By bringing the mantra into this pose, you create a solid foundation.
  2. Repeat the mantra three times to five times in one breath.

Our Pursuit of Mindfulness Continues

Thank you for joining us in choosing mindfulness and celebrating your own creativity. You’ve taken the first step in claiming the power to change your life. We hope you continue to seek moments of self-reflection.

Keep an eye on our blog for more ways to deepen your daily practice. Discover the mantra that resonates with you in this moment on our most recent self-titled album now streaming on Spotify.


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