Chants for Balance and Healing

Jan 5, 2022 | 0 comments

Continuing our series taking a deep dive into the meaning behind the chants on our album Shunia and the mudras (hand movements) that accompany them, today we are exploring chants that help with finding balance and healing.

Sa Ta Na Ma

This mantra is used to help clear the mind and bring balance to your life. Sa means birth, Ta means life, Na means death and Ma means rebirth. When chanting this mantra, we focus on our true identity.

How to Use Sa Ta Na Ma

When you chant this mantra, there are three different voices to be used — your singing voice (the voice of action), your whispered voice (the voice of the inner mind) and singing the words to yourself silently (the voice of spirituality).

Recommended Hand Movements for Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa Mudra
Bring together the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index finger while chanting Sa.

Ta Mudra
Bring together the tip of the thumb and the tip of the middle finger while chanting Ta.

Na Mudra
Bring together the tip of the thumb and the tip of the ring finger while chanting Na.

Ma Mudra
Bring together the tip of the thumb and the tip of the pinky finger while chanting Ma.


This protective mantra wraps around animosity and seals it closed. It is believed that it can remove the very shadow of death.

“It can be a final gift to someone who is passing from this life and transitioning to whatever lies beyond. It is also a way to help say goodbye and heal your own heart from the loss of a loved one.”

—Lisa Reagan, member of Shunia

When to Use Akal

This mantra helps release a soul to merge with the Divine. It is used to assist the departing soul on its journey home, as well as providing comfort to those they have left behind in passing.

Recommended Hand Movements for Akal

With the elbows straight and the eyes closed, bring the hands into Gyan Mudra. Gyan Mudra means the index finger is touching the thumb, and the elbows are straight with the hands resting on the knees.

Finding Balance Within

We hope that these chants can help you find balance in all parts of your life. Chanting will clear your mind and yoga will help you find and remove whatever is blocking you, whether in your mind or body, and release energy. Explore more of our work and discover new ways of balancing with our self-titled album on Spotify.


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